Treading Lightly #002

In Episode 2 of Treading Lightly, Kevin works with Chantal (because Jason has no voice this week due to illness) to discuss some feedback they have received about the first episode and to raise some new issues.

This week we talk about;

  • More about the Toyota Prius (We know its getting old but its the most commented on item)
  • Some solar power options and what they cost.
  • A new solar manufacturing company Nano Solar, and why what they are doing is quite exciting.
  • Solar hot water and why its better than electricity based hotwater. Natural Gas also gets a look in.
  • Wind power (briefly)
  • Green Power, how it works, where to get it, and some issues Kevin had getting it for the company where he works.
  • Kevins new bicycle (If you saw Kevin, you would know why this is funny)
  • The TV Series “It’s not easy being green” on BBC2 that we have heard is available on mininova. This series is well worth watching and if its ever available for sale, we would definitely buy a copy.

Over the next few episodes, we will be discussing….

  • Water tanks (rain water)
  • Grey Water
  • Bores
  • Hopefully less talk about the Prius
  • the Clipsal Cent-a-meter and why its cool
  • Clipsal CBUS (and why it can be, but isn’t always good for the enviroment)


Any questions you would like to have discussed or feedback on the show, you can email us here or call (02) 42270001 in Australia and +61 2 4227 0001 from everywhere else!