Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I can’t help wondering what sort of percentage we can reduce the risk by simply removing babies genitals rather than just mutilating them.

Maybe if the catholic church was even slightly less retarded, they might allow people to wear little rubber thingys to do some good. Instead, they seem to just spread mis-information about them to people who are trusting and too impoverished to get decent information.

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  1. Hi Kevin
    I think you’re right on the circumcision issue and i personally hope more women will begin to speak up in defence of men’s rights to all the pleasure that nature/God gave them.

    What ethical parent chooses to amputate a part of any child’s genitals on the basis of a presumption about their future sexual behaviour? Currently we say its bad if you desensitise a girl’s genitals but fine to desensitise a boy to an even greater degree. Whatever happened to equal rights?

    However i don’t think it is the Catholic church that’s promoting genital mutilation of boys ( see www dot catholicsagainstcircumcision dot org) The HIV studies were carried out by members of the American pro-circ lobby which i believe is a broadly secular group who are circumcised themselves and committed to denying other men the right to their natural bits. As for the women in the pro-circ lobby i don’t really know drives them but i’m tempted think it is either misandrism or a slightly freaky view of hygiene – like those women who disinfect their children’s hands if they touch anything outside the home.

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