Engin are cool

Ok, Before we start I should tell you that I am an engin dealer and ordering through the link will give me some commission. That said, If you want to not do that, you can still sign up at www.engin.com.au and not have to give me anything.

Engin is an australian voip provider that offers fantastic service. We have many people who are customers (where I work at ilb) and I’m yet to hear of a bad report. They are cheap, easy and offer brilliant service quality. Even over a shared ADSL line, voip for home is now really achievable (although quality will degrade if theres too much other network usage). For businesses, we always use a dedicated ADSL (512k sym) connection and have no complaints.

Its great to see an Australian company truly operating on the same level as the companies in the US where they population density makes things easier.

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