One remote to rule them all

This little device, and the 785 as well, has already won the not coveted “Kevins Coolest Thing Ever” award for 2007.

This award is not awarded every year but has gone to some fantastic things in the past including the “Uwatec wireless dive computer” and the “Dreambox”.

Its not very often that my rampant consumerism actually makes my life better but this truly does. Even my father-in-law has one now and can finally work his TV out.

If you know me (and only people who know me tend to read my blog) then you really really need to buy one of these items. They are currently on Deals Direct and are worth every cent.

Logitech > Remotes > Universal Remotes > Harmony® 1000i Advanced Universal Remote

2 Replies to “One remote to rule them all”

  1. After I posted the review I had to actually use the 1000i in my tv room and not just the office meeting room and found it to be good. The 785 however is brilliant and has the ‘remote’ feel.

    The 1000i was just a little too fat and would suit sitting on a coffee table to press buttons rather than being in your hand on the armrest sort of thing.

    I think it really depends on your tv room configuration to decide one to get. but people should be getting one.

  2. How useable is the 1000i? I had a Philips Pronto Pro which was great until the screen cracked :-(
    I replaced it with a 785 and I must say although it doesn’t look as sexy as a touch screen model like the pronto or the 1000i it is easier to use than the pronto was. The button density achievable with “little rubber things” is much higher than with touch screens.

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