Back at work today

Today, (day 5) I’m back at work doing normal things. It’s difficult to be in a familure enviroment, where I would normally be able to drink coffee and drink the ‘up and go’ drinks I normally have for breakfast but not be able to do that. I’ve spent all morning trying to drink a few hundred mills of water and its not easy. I had 1/2 of an ‘up and go’ for breakfast before. I got too full to continue (about 100ml of it) but they only have about 8.8g protein and I need more than that. I think the protein powder in skim milk will be a better option in the future.

Theres still some pain occasionally. It comes and goes in waves.

I have had some skim milk with protein power today but really don’t know the difference between hunger, thirst, fullness or operation pain. It seems that you just have to re-learn what everything feels like all over again.

Things I would have done different.

  1. During optifast, had more water
  2. Day before operation, had lots (really lots) of water. From midnight I couldn’t have anything and was very thirsty.
  3. Pressed my pethadine button more in the first 24 hours
  4. Asked for a private room (the person next to me was a grumpy guy) and between his and my IV machines (2 each) running out or needing attention, plus the 2 hour observations, I was woken every hour or so.

Other than that, I’m now down to 115kg and feel better every day. With the amount I can eat, I can’t see being able to not lose weight.

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