Day 2

Day 2 sucked. I was quite sore (although the PCA machine was fantastic) and I couldn’t drink anything. They kept bringing me clear soup, applejuice, ea and water but any more than a sip was painful. I ‘vomited’ a few times but I’m not entirely sure that thats the correct word. You go through all the motions, have all the sensations but nothing comes up. Its also quite painful to do so you tend to hit the PCA machine a few more times. It has a 5 minute delay so only 1 press per 5 mins is actually regitered.

Libby and her parents came to visit but I was still high on pethadine and ended up sleeping through most of their visit. Later Libby and the kids came up and I was more awake then although the pain had startd to come back.

Night time sucks becuse they still wake you up every 2 hours for obs and the beds are not comfortable. The drip is also annoying as you are always not wanting to roll over and pull something out. The pain had mostly gone but occasionally It would come back in short waves. You would have no pain, then 10 seconds later it would hurt lots, then 10 seconds later it would go back to nothing. This lasted until about 8am when I got up for more walks with the phisio and had a shower.