day 3

It’t now day3 and Life is much better. I went for a walk this morning without the drips in and had a shower. I now feel great and can manage to have some apple juice (about 60ml over about an hour) so its far better than yesterday or last night.

Im now sitting in the chair next to my bed typing and going through some work emails.

Its really strange that the 5 stab wounds (ecach about 3–5cm long) don’t hurt at all. Its only the internal pain thats an issue. Its sort of like really really bad indigestion.

Anyway, I didn’t go throuh the ‘what have I done’ phase so its not so bad.


One Reply to “day 3”

  1. Great to hear you are up and about!
    Now, about that problem with the new member apps….

    Just kidding, have a rest and try not to over do it too much, we’ll see you next week.

    P.S How much does half a stomach weigh?

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