I can’t wait to be able to masticate again.

These milkshakes are getting old very quickly. At least I’m not a week gone and have less than a week to go.

I’m booked in, paid for and am only now waiting on a theatre time for the 22nd October. Aparently it’s a morning ‘list’ that Dr Talbot has so it should be (according to his office admin) either a 6am or 7am arrival.

The only issue is that I’m on liquids for the next week, then clear liquids the week after (but at least its after surgery). AFter that you get 2 weeks of ‘mushies’ which seems to be anything you can get through a straw. After that, its back to normal with far less hormones to make you hungry and a stomach the size (and shape) of a banana.

People report being able to eat almost everything the like but the main thing is they don’t want to. Thats what I’m looking for.

Anyway, a week to go and It’ll be almost over :-)