I’m alive – Day 1

The day of the operation was interesting. We left home at about 6am to make sure we got here on time. On arrival and a brief discussion about payment (which I had already made) we were put into the first waiting room. Its a very well appointed hospital and all the rooms and people are fantastic. I call it the ‘first’ room because, although I didn’t know it yet, there were lots more to come.

I had to answer about 100 questions about history etc, get wrist and ankle bands, get changed into the backless gown and then wait some more. Eventially they allocated me a bed and we were moved to another room (Libby was with me the whole time)

We spent about 2 hours in there before I was told I was being called in so Libby left and I wen’t to the next waiting room. This one was the room actually outside the theatres. Theres 12 Theatres here so it was a little busy. Each one had a waiting bay and I was infor number 7. I had a canula inserted here.

On being wheeled into the theatre, I moved onto the table and had 2 large pillows put under my back which was very uncomfortable. I was about to say something and thats the last thing I remember.

On waking up, I was in quite a bit of pain and not really ‘with it’ yet. I had a tube pulled out of my nose (by the anethesist, although I couln’t tell at the time) and was repeadly told to push my buttin (the PCA machine with pethadine). I pushed what I could but Its like everyone is speaking another language and youre totally unable to understand whats going on.

I don’t remember getting to the ward but Libby was there when I woke up properly. I say properly but it really wasn’t until the next morning when I was really awake.

I was out of surgery at about 3pm.