I’ve got a time slot now

I’ve just been allocated the second slot in the morning which means it’s an 8am admission, not the 6am I really didn’t want. This means we can leave home at 6:30 (after I normally leave for work anyway) and have plenty of time.

On one of the online forums, one patient that had the procedure last friday has just posted her story and it doesn’t sound that exciting. Lots of pain, worry and frustration. I’m guessing everyone goes through the ‘what have I done’ phase but everyone I have spoken to after this still says its worth it.

I guess we will see next week.

Heres whats going with me

  • Robe
  • T-shirt(s)
  • Underpants
  • Slippers, crocs
  • Books (3 Richard Dawkins books)
  • Toothpaste & brush, deoderant
  • Earplugs (incase its noisy at night)
  • Laptop + two wireless internet connections + powersupply
  • Ipod + charger
  • Credit card, medicare card, license, small amount of cash
  • Phone + charger
  • Ventolin (asthma releiver)

One of my customers has given me a task (about 20hrs work) that needs to be completed by the 31st and I haven’t had time to start it yet. Hopefully I will get a chance with the internet connections to get some work done but I guess we will see.

I may even get to update this blog from the hospital bed. Now that would help cement my nerd status.

2 Replies to “I’ve got a time slot now”

  1. I know this is all about losing weight, but frankly the mental picture of Kevin in just a t-shirt and undies is too much to bear!!! I’m hoping there was some pants in that bag somewhere!! Fat Cat lost his job for not wearing pants!
    Tell those pesky customers with their unreasonable deadlines to chill!! ;-)
    Break a leg, or lose a stomach or something, we are all rooting for you! metorphorically at least!

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