More Stuff

Misc cut-and-paste from an online group I post to. Kept here mainly for my benefit only…

I’m feeling fine now. I just have trouble getting enough water and am
trying to not eat from habbit.

sometimes I’m not entirely sure anything was changed like when I
forget what I’m doing and drink 200 or so mls of water in one go
without noticing.

Othertimes, I try to eat a little childrens custard container (140ml)
and can only at about 100mls worth before it gets painful

All the sensations like, hungry, full, needing to burp, about to throw
up are all different and take re-learning. The ‘about to throw up’ I
learnt fairly quickly though as when you try the ‘I wonder what that
means’ approach, it gets a little messy.

I was in the OR on monday afternoon (about 1pm) although I was ready
at 8am and on Thursday when I came home, I was a little tired. I
decided to go to work on Friday (only 3.5 days after operation) and
was planning to come home early. Anyway, as it turns out I spent over
10 hours at work (sooo much to be done) and we also went to the
basketball at night (we have season tickets).

I found the Hospital staff fantastic and had just the right amount of
support vs letting you do things yourself.

On tuesday morning, to get out of ed for a walk, I needed them to help
me get dressed (well, tie the gown up anyway). but after that, they
were happy to let me walk around by myself.