Multi Person Panoramas

These are based on an idea I had about 18 months ago. I was shooting some panoramas and decided to have a friend stand in the middle of every shot (so I had enough overlap to still blend). Since then, I’m far better at getting it right and can now have the same person next to them selves or even above themselves. I wonder why no-one else has started doing these ? I started a Flickr group about this and am yet to see another example of it.

This is the Hawks shot from images taken over one quarter of a game. It has lots of blending issues (including one player sharing a foot with himself) but I have not had the chance yet to get better source materials. This could benefit from being HDR and being multi row.


This was shot for a friend of mine with her two children. This is probably my favorite shot so far and 90% of the time was spent in post production removing the graffiti in photoshop.


This was my first shot with kids. These are my children and was taken in a park full of other people. I had overlap issues and the subjects are obviously too small in the shot to be useful.


I was asked to shoot a wedding for one of the guys that works with me (at ILB Computing). This was very rushed and would have benefited from more lighting. On thw whole I’m happy with it and Samuel (and his new wife Alyssa) certainly seemed to like it.

 wedding photo pano

Next on the list of things to try are HDR versions of the above. Im shooting another wedding in november and will bracket (3 stops) each frame to that I can make a HDR version to see what its like.

I’ve also just received my Really Right Stuff dual axis panorama bracket and I’m keen to get some multi row HDR panoramas going as soon as I get some time.

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  1. Wow, Kevin, I dropped in to read up on your VSG experience and found you are also an amazing photographer! I love these panoramas, very special mate.

    Now, onto the stuff about the sleeve…

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