What does it cost?

Well, heres the breakdown

So far its been

  • Surgeon $4000 (deposit only, the don’t know the full amount before surgery in case something happens)
  • Anethesist $500 deposit (same reason as above)
  • Hospital $500 (excess for the health fund) other than that, the hospital should be covered by the private health insurance
  • Pathology $311.30
  • Surgeon pre op visit 1 $150
  • Surgeon pre op visit 2 $80

I don’t yet know what medicare will cover but I’ve been told its very little. The health fund will probably match what medicare pays aparently but I will find out soon.

So, Total so far is $5543.30

I’m just waiting for all the final bills to come in so I can go and visit the medicare office and upset the people in line behind me.