Yet another update

Misc cut-and-paste from an online group I post to. Kept here mainly for my benefit only…

This morning, I had a skim milk chai tea (about 200ml) for lunch there
was some ‘stuffed eggs’ and I had 2 halves and some small amount of
potato, then this afternoon I had some blueberry yoghurt. Now im
drinking about 100ml of water with the syprodyn multivitamin in it
that I was told to have every day. For dinner, Libby is planning on
chinese (its her last meal before optifast) and < ?xml:namespace prefix =”” st1 ns =”” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Ill get a short soup,
blend it up, and it should last 2 or 3 meals.

Last night we had a party and I had water and some skim milk but then
the real foor turned up (fried chicken, pizza etc).

I got 2 chicken nuggets, placed them in the blender with a little
sweet chilla sauce and about 2tbsp skim milk and pressed go. It looked
terrible but tasted great :) Most of the people at the party were
interested in the surgery and the strange way I had to eat.

I downloaded a youtube VSG video from youtube, converted it for my
nokia phone, and can show it on demand when people ask about it. It
answers lots of questions (and also gets conversations going).

I wish I could understand these feelings, I’m finding it strange not
being able to tell between full, hungry, operation pain and just ‘im
bored, lets eat’

Still, even with the fried chicken I had, In such small amounts I
can’t see maintaining my weight (and im still losing about .8kg/day)

I even had a small piece (really small) of chocolate today and It
tasted really strange. Not really enjoyable at all. Maybe (I hope) I
will be not wanting bad stuff much more. The vsg makes it easier but I
find I still need willpower. Lets hope I can find some.