1 Month Out

Not much to add to the last update but I’m now eating normally, not drink any calories and losing weight at a reasonable rate (although I stalled last week for a while). I’m now 18.3kg down so its not so bad.

Anyway, theres no operation site pain at all, and only occasional nausea after food so it’s definately getting better.

I probably should, but havent yet, order a new set of work clothes in a smaller size but I’ll just cope with these for a while longer. I was told today that my work shirts are too baggy. This is strange as I couldn’t do these up when I started. I also don’t feel any different after losing the 18kgs and thought I would. Maybe its the lack of protein in my diet (its hard to get 30+ grams per day) or the lack of water (I should be drinking 1.5l per day but am only getting about 500ml)

Anyway, onwards we go and hopefully I’ll be better at eating the right stuff. I’m still able to resist bad foods so it’s helped my will power so far.