General Update

Misc cut-and-paste from an online group I post to. Kept here mainly for my benefit only…

Its now almost 12 days since surgery.

Everything I read said you can move on once you tolerate food so I’ve
been ‘testing’ things as I go. I’m now on ‘normal’ food and as my job
involves a lot of lunch meetings etc, I’ve eaten out a number of times.

Theres one place we go to quite a bit and i just ask for an egg on
toast and normally finish about 80% of it. I ate too much a few times
and it just hurts and then I tend to get the hiccups.

I can easily drink a 250ml up’n’go for breakfast so I’m guessing the
VSG turned out to be that big but when I eat solid food, it seems much
smaller. Maybe my pyloric sphincter muscle is lazy and letting liquids
through too easily.

I also get distinct head hunger and can defiately still feel stomach
hunger as well. When I was in a shooping centre on thursday night, I
was really starving. I looked for decent food and the best i could
find was a chinese takeaway. I had a $8 plate, only put a few things
on it (much to the amusement of the woman behind the counter as
everyone else piles them really high) and only ate about half of that
(probably about 1/2 cup of food) before I was really full.

I still don’t seem able to space drinking/eating 30 mins apart so that
seems to severly limit how much food I can get in.

I’m also going away for a weekend next weekend (on the snowy
motorcycle ride) so that involves many hours of riding and eating what
we can find. Ill take some optifast shakes and protein bars but i
think i should be able to work it out easily. The only issue is if we
all stop for lunch, I take about 30-40 mins to eat what I get so if
others are in a hurry, ill probably end up just having liquid meals.
Maybe I should take some up’n’go’s or get some of the service station
sustagen drinks etc.

Anyway, I’m doing quite well i think. I haven’t had salad yet (or
untoasted bread) but only because I haven’t wanted it yet.

So in summary, I had a good optifast trip (although I complained at
the time), really good surgery and a quick recovery onto normal foods.
I can’t imagine anything going better really.

I gave in one night and had some chocolate (haloween night) but after
a brief depression about how weak I am, I think i’m over it and
haven’t done anything like that again.