The bike trip idea

Recently, I’ve started thinking about a bike trip around Australia. I’ve started updating a page on this site to have the most up to date version of what we plan to do.

I’ll also be blogging the leadup to the trip and thr trip itself so people on the RSS feed can see whats going on.

Currently the plans are to do the southern part of the trip in early(ish) 2008 or early (2010) so its possibly a while away. I also need to get a new bike (probably the BMW R1200RT) to do this on and then install boke-to-bike comms etc.

We also need to get the group organised to do a First Aid course first and possibly some other basic survival training for the desert sections (the second half of the trip, to be done at least a year after the first)

Each trip should take 3–4 weeks in total.

If you are interested in coming along, please let me know. If you want to do it in a car (and be a support vehicle) also, please let me know.

Currently we have

  • John (Friend from next door at work)
  • Jim (Friend and security person)
  • John (Friend and electrician)
  • Aldo ?
  • Ian ?

And David and Linda in a support (car + caravan) role.

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