Two weeks out

Its now two weeks out and everything is great. I’m losing weight, not really having to try. I’m generally not hungry apart from if I leave meal times late and when that happens, a normal meal will make me feel satiated without any lingering hunger (which used to happen)

A meal consists of a piece of bread with something on it, or a glass of skim milk (which I actually like now) or anything similar size.

It takes me about 30 mins to have a piece of toast or half a sandwich. Twice now I’ve been stuck at shopping centres and needed to eat. Its very strange to only get something really tiny and not be able to finish it. Its even stranger to be satisfied with that.

Anyway, I’ve now lost 14.3kg and am still going. The only trouble I have is trying to get enough water to drink. I think I’m dehydrated most of the time.

So, in summary, its been a very good choice and I’m happy. Now, if Libby gets through hers as well, we will be happy and thinner together :-)