I saw Dr Talbot last wednesday night and had the usual discussion about what I can eat etc. I thought I may get in trouble about moving on to real food so quickly but he said that thats fine as long as it didn’t hurt. I then proceeded to tell him about the sort of things I was eating and got introuble about ‘drinking’ too many calories.

In hospital, I had some fruit juice and cordial and thought that was ok to have. Aparently not. He proceeded to tell me that I can only have no calorie liquide from now on.

Since then, I have accellerated weight loss even more (its not that hard apart from breakfast where I habbitually have an up’n’go drink).

So, Now im at 108.8kg, and still seem to be losing at a decent rate. The lowest I’ve been in 20 years is 105 so it should be nice to be lower than that.

The ‘vomiting’ period last week (twice) has gone away so I think I’m back to normal now.