Libby was out of surgery yesterday afternoon and was just like I was, in pain, sleepy and dozing on and off all afternoon. Also like me, she had the ‘vomit’ attempt but nothing comes up, and 5 holes with no drain.

My miracle recovery is now less than perfect. I was yet to vomit at all post hospital but the other day (while on the snowy ride ). I was really unsure as to weather or not to do it but decided to anyway. It was at a restaurant on the saturday night when I had an issue. I had a little bit of chicken, some red wine, about 4 chips and some pumpkin and it was either the wrong food or too much because one bite I was feeling fine, the next really needing to vomit. I sat there for a while and decided I needed to get rid of this feeling. I went to the toiler to see if I could throw up and on seeing the state of the toilets, it was no longer an if.

Then again this morning, I had a sip of ginger beer (I love ginger beer) that I had let go flat overnight. I hadn’t had anything at all so far today (apart from vitamins and Nexian) and it all came back up. I’ve done this before with no problems (only at night though) so its a little strange.

I hope this doesn’t start a new trend.

Anyway, I’ve now lost 15.7kg and am finding it quite easy to live with (unless I eat the wrong stuff)

I have an appointment for wednesday afternoon with the surgeon and will ask about the vomiting. He will probably just tell me its too soon and to slow down a bit.

I am also starting to not feel hungry (some people are a little slow, like me) so thats a good sign. Aparently the ghrelin can take a while to get out of your system.