The Bikes been ordered

The other day I ordered a new bike for this trip. I wanted a 2008 build (I couldn’t get an earlier one anyway) so it should be here late march or early April.

Its a BMW K1200GT (Their current recommended touring bike) with ASC (Traction control/stability control) ABS, and RDC (transmitters in the tires to send pressure info to the on-board computer) and ESA (Electronic suspension adjustment), I’ve ordered with it a top box (the paniers are standard) and a tank bag. This with my other bag which sits where the the pillion passenger sits I should have lots of storage.

Things to do now…

  • Work out what nights (dates) will be spent where so we can book accommodation
  • Work out who wants to come along
  • Bike to (car/bike) comms (UHF) Getting it into the helmet is a problem.
  • Pre-set GPS points in phone
  • Install blue-tooth GPS on bike with phone charger
  • get place for ipid to sit on bike
  • complete a Stay Upright advanced rider training course.
  • get my backup gps, satellite phone, EPIRB, vsheet etc

Before the trip, I need to put at least 1000k on the bike and get it serviced. Also, I was thinking of going to dubbo or someplace similar for a test overnight to make sure I’ve worked out whats needed.

So far, theres still no-one else going. I have the inlaws going with their car / caravan to be able to meet up with (at least from Ballarat onwards) so that makes the trip more secure. I can keep tools/spare fuel etc in their vehicles and not have to carry them all.

Also, as the trip will be covering Victoria in winter (and then up to the centre where its a little warmer) I will be able to save non-used clothes in the van.

Even though I will probably be seeing them most if not all nights, I still want to carry all gear thats needed to make sure I know whats needed. This way the next trip will be easier if I don’t have support. Also, If others come along, I may only meet up with the inlaws every other night or so.

Libby and the kids are talking about going with the inlaws which is great because even without riding, it should be a great trip and the kids can get to see more of Australia.

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  1. Make sure you call in on the Sunshine Coast during your trip.

    I too am a Nikon Nut, only have a D200 so far + 70-200VR 2.8, 50mm 1.8 and 2 other lens’s. Currently doing my diploma in photography.

    see ya,


  2. Hey Kevin,I put a comment on Libbys site so i thought i better put one on for you too!
    The bike trip sounds fantastic!I’d come if i had a bike and a bike licence!
    Take care and have fun !
    (i’m up at Robertson)

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