Life goes on

I have been under some pressure from a number of people to update this section of the site. The problem is that nothing exciting has happened.

I’ve now lost 32kg and am going on with life with all the benefits of the vsg but there is really nothing that requires thought anymore. I just eat till I can’t eat any more (well, 99% of the time I know how much to get so I don’t feel so full i’m sick)  and then go back to doing something else.

I’ts the easiest way to lose weight and its really just part of my life now. So, basically, unless someone asks, I don’t think about it. This will probably be the last post on the subject.

Please don’t mis-understand me to think that its not important. Its probably the best thing I have done for my health ever and I would do it again without question. Its just like any illness you may have. Once its fixed, you tend to go on with life and not dwell on it much longer.

I’m also very glad I saw Dr Talbot. From what I have read about other experiences people have shared on weight loss surgery forums, he’s by far the best at getting in and out with no pain or complications. If anyone is considering similar surgery, you really should see Dr Talbot.

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  1. Thanks for the update – just posting so you can see that the same people that put pressure on you to update the site also pay attention!!!

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