I’m “Overweight”

After about 15 years of being obese or morbidly obese, I’m finally just overweight. So far since surgery, I’ve lost 40kg and have gone through many sets of clothes.

Also, I always assumed that seeing your life partner in a group of people was always easy. This was some inate ability than when someone was so important to you that you had them imprinted on your head in such a way that you could always recognise them.

Well, as it turns out, I was wrong. Often now I’ll be looking for Libby in a shop or similar and will often look right past her. As it turns out, I think I was always able to see her just because of her size. Now however, after losing heaps of weight, I have to look more carefully for her. It still seems strange when I see photos of us together that we are not huge. I can also now not only put my arms around her and touch on the other side, I can touch my elbows on the other side. We have lost about 80kg between us and I think the key words are ‘between us’.

Life is good.

3 Replies to “I’m “Overweight””

  1. You never visit me … i need a PHOTO of ur new skinnier human – it will be just like watching the tv show “the fattest loser” …. we are all very excited in the office here to see ur after-shot :)
    BRING IT ! (nudity optional)

  2. Ok here’s another comment now that I have read the update …

    F**KEN WOW !!! well done fat bastard !

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