The long way to work

The other day, after getting the new bike, I decided to go the long to way to work to get some riding time in. This was so that I could get some time on the bike before the comms/music etc was installed and I could concentrate on the bike and getting to know it. I decided to head south and ended up at Batemans Bay for breakfast.

It was surprising that after about 2.5 hours riding, I still was comfortable and hadn’t got a sore arse yet. After a phone call to the sheepskin seat cover people the night before, I had a message telling me that It was ready to pick up. I arrived in berry about midday and picked it up. Within 10 mins, I was sore and over the next hour, became progressively more so.

Since then, I’ve removed the sheepskin and have ridden again with no other problems. I guess the standard seats are fine after all.

On Saturday, I installed the Satnav cradle and mobile phone cradle. Both allow charging while riding and are both usable in their mounted positions. I also installed the control buttons for the UHF radio but have yet to find somewhere to install the radio itself.

The Tank Bag was late in arriving so I have not yet seen what its like to ride with. Ill pick it up monday if my work schedule allows. Maybe the UHF kit will fit inside there.

I’ve now travelled about 550km and will hopefully get it to 1000km shortly for its first service. Then I’ll take it away for a camping trial to ensure all the storage is setup correctly etc for the big trip later this year.

Anyway, so far the bike is great (ill post photo soon) but there appears to be a new problem, every time you stop people want to look at it and talk bikes. I’ve never had this problem before (only having a scooter) and we will have to wait and see how much of an issue it is. Maybe if I don’t make eye contact with people I can get away without a chat.

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    Not sure if it was intentional or not but I like the allusion to ‘Long way round’ with Ewin McGregor and Charlie whatshisface. Talk about an epic.. Not that your course looks light on ;-)

    Hope the camera gear fits in there amongst all the buttons and GPS dodads…



    P.S. the formatting of this site is thoroughly corrupted by the wonders of Explorer 6 in my office here at work ;-(

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