It’s a little bit chilly

This morning, very early, some people at the motel where I was staying at decided 1:30am was the perfect time to work on their boat motor. by 2:30am I thought it had gone a little long but it was too cold to get up. Shortly thereafter they left and if wishes mean anything, they should have drowned as soon as they launched the boat.

At about 7:30 I left the motel, immediately got fuel and headed towards Ballarat. The satnav was suggesting i would be there by 12:30pm and I decided to detour via Melbourne CBD. On arriving there (at about 12pm as i was riding slowly) I realised that, although it seemed like a good idea, I had nothing to do while there. I found a curry shop, had some lunch (people don’t understand when I want only half of a small meal and always keep piling the food on until I stop them). Then more fuel and onwards towards the goldfields. In the morning I saw 6 degrees on the screen and it felt ok. By the afternoon, it was reading 10 degrees but seemed far colder. The road was wet in places and I think the humidity with the wind chill made it seem worse.

I’m now sitting in a cabin at the caravan park, wearing a beanie. My ‘pocket heater’ was great all day and the heated seats and hand grips got a run.

I forgot to mention yesterday that this the first time I have ever ridden/driven to another state. Pretty lame I know but there it is. So far I’ve done about 1200km at am slowly but surely starting to fall in love with the bike. Theres not a single thing that I would change at the moment. I know what you’re thinking, love is blind but everything is just going perfectly with it. What a fantastic machine.

Anyway, theres probably not going to be much blogging over the next 2 days as theres no riding. I will have some time for my ass to recover a little, spend some time with the wife and kids (they are here also) and see the local attractions. I’m sure Libby will be blogging so check out hers (Libby Withnall).

I might post some photos if I get around to setting up the relevant software. Libby with surely have some.

I’ll write more in a few days.

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  1. Didn’t get a chance to wish you a great trip before you left, so HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!! *hahaha!* Cheers, Krack

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