Kryal Castle and Soverign Hill

Yesterday morning, I decided a day without riding wasn’t good enough so I went to do some shopping (in Melbourne) Its about 1:50 each way so was quite a nice ride. In melbourne, I got a down jacket as all reports were telling me it was going to be cold and it packs up very small.

During the day, we went to Kryal Castle and the girls liked it. It is a little lame but still worth visiting. It was really cold and windy and was somewhat unpleasant. Then it started raining and was starting to annoy me. The forecast was for it go get colder so I was quite glad of the jacket.

This morning, again scared of a day without riding, I jumped on to get some supplies at the local supermarket. Only about 3k later I Was home again (it was cold and raining) so its not too bad.

Then we all went to Soverign Hill. Its a 1850’s themed gold mining town and is actually done quite well. I have found that most of these parks seem to always joke about what they are and what they do and all the commentry has little ‘tongue in cheek’ comments. Soverign hill doesn’t do that and I think its far more enjorable for it.

The staff are all willing to talk (althougn sometimes only to each other) but the day was enjoyable.

Anyway, tomorrow is another easy day (only 120k riding or so) but I might take a detour via Bells beach and Geelong.

Then, on Wednesday, its time for the great ocean road. Lets hope its not cold and raining.