There’s gunna be a floody floody

Well, this morning it all was supposed to be smooth and organised. I slept in a little and was then planning to leave about 7:30.

On taking my final packing (in the pannier bags) down stairs to put into the bike, I noticed the garage floor was somewhat wetter than it supposed to be. Apparently we burst a hose last night on the water tank pump. We then had to get everything moved so it can dry out.

Anyway, After stealing an anzac cookie that Libby had made (she always gets up really early) I got on the bike and left. It seems strange that when I want to do a few hours riding, it seems like it takes ages. This morning, it seemed to take no time at all until I was in Nowra. There I had a coffee, friant and 1/4 of a coffee before moving on again. Next thing I knew, I was in ulla-dulla and had to get petrol. (16.32L@1.749) and had to explain to a local police officer what the headlight modulator was all about. Then time seemed to slow down a bit. I arrived in Eden and wanted to have a stretch and noticed 4 missed calls on my phone. Apparently when I re-set the bluetooth stuff, I hadn’t stopped the bike talking to the phone. I fixed it so it goes via the Zumo and returned some calls while heading south.

When heading south on most rides, if you need fuel or something, theres always a town or something close. After Eden, theres just long stretches of nothing. I made it to Cann River with about 30k left on the screen. I Put about 19L in the bike ($35) and had about 130k to go to get to lakes entrance.

It was very cloudy and was starting to get dark so I was glad to arrive. I’m now sitting in the hotel room ($70) watching some tv and getting ready to get a pizza (the local shop has really small ones)

After the water pipe issue, I had to re-cut a hose to get it fixed and realised in eden that my Leatherman was still back at home. I found a shop and have a replacement so its all good again.

Tomorrow I will probably aim for Ballarat but don’t know which way to go. I guess I’ll just trust the satnav and see how it goes.
The bike is performing very well and nothing has gone wrong so far with any equipment or planning. I only drank about 250ml water today so I think I will trey to stop more often to get some fluids.