Coober oeedy -> Erldunda

I was up and awake about 6am (with everyone else) and was dressed and ready to go by about 7:15. Sitting there dressed there seemed to be little point in continuing to sit there dressed and it was either get undressed or leave.
I left.

About 210k later, I arrived at Mulba (sp?) It was a standard roadhouse style place and I decided to get the Lighter fluid out of the panier to start the pocket warmer. You see, Leaving CP at 7:30 it was a little chilly. I now know that at 2 degrees, the bike warns of black ice, the hand/seat warmers are not enough, and m little fingers hurt when they freeze in place.

This was also the time I started my obsession with working out once and for all the waving protocol.
You see, Bikers have certain rules you must follow when you see another bike.

Rules are
If Harley (or similar) bike is coming the other direction, make no eye contact, simply pretend they are not there and soon

enough they won’t be.
If its not a Harley, you can
a) head dip (like a nod)
b) head tilt (sideways tilting) mostly from sports bike riders
c) head raise (like an upwards nod) Not sure if this is valid, I made it up today to see what happens.
If its the same brand bike as yours, you wave.

In cities, it doesn’t happen often, It seems to happen more the further you are away from populated places.
On these highways, being a long way from town, cars (and mostly people towing vans) seems to get involved also.

If its a long way freom a city, these seem to be the rules.
If its a person with a van
they will – probably life a few fingers.
you should – nod you head. I have tried many other options, but this seems to get the best response.
If its a Truck driver
they will – not even see you
you should – keep out of the way, try to keep the rubbery bits on the road as their bow wave hits you.
If its another bike
they will – wave, nod of both
you should – wave, nod and try not to enter their lane as you lose control of the bike by waving too much
If its another BMW
they will – wave, sometimes stand up
you should – wave wildly get ready to stop for a chat.
If its another BMW and they are going your way AND they are doing the same trip as you
they will – go with you until you stop, and have a chat
you should – immediatly proceed to chatting, picking out curtains and raising a family.
If its a cop
they will – either ignore you (hopefully)
you should – roll off the throttle and look like you weren’t going fast
If its a cop and they pull you over but don’t five you a ticket
they will – tell you that going fast is bad and they used to have a similar bike but not anymore
you should – feel grateful you are not getting demerit points and offer a polite reach around
If its a cop and you get booked
Dunno really, havent been booked (yet).