This place (check it out on google earth) is quite simple. Its just an intersection off the stuart highway that also has a road to Uluru. Fuel is just over $2/L.

While I think about it, I think the days of the explorers were a bit overrated. Aparently he took months to get here (I did it in 2 days, including photos of rockets) and had cross winds to deal with. He did it over months and drowned a horse. I’m not saying I’m better than they were but the facts are hard to ignore.

Tomorrow we will be goig to uluru (244km according to the sign) and have 3 nights there, then 2 nights ar Kings canyon. All these days are only about 250km/day days between places so its a nice and easy break.
My bike has now gone about 6500k and my rear tyre is wearing a big flat spot. I know bikers say theres some cause for embarasement when the tyre, when removed, stands up by itself. It means you haven’t done enough corners. Well, there aren’t enough corners here and the tyre will most definately stand up by itself. Its down to the little rubbery nobbly bits that should tell me to change it (after 6500k !) but I’ll leave it another 1000 (till I get to Alice next week). I have decided to not go to darwin on this trip so the plan at the moment is
* Three ways
* Mt Isa
* cloncurry
* Mostly the way to Longreach (qantas museum)
* head towards townsville, maybe via Cloncurry if required
* townsville, maybe some diving
* then down the coast road back home

Darwin would have been interesting but 4 days riding to do a 1/2 day tour seems a little disproportionate.