Leaving Mt Isa – Arriving at Longreach

I wanted to get some shoes at mt isa but the shops were not open until about 9am and I needed to get a move on. So, at about 7:30 I left the expensive crappy room I had and hit the road. As it was early, I wanted to follow some other cars out to avoid hitting any suicidal roos and this worked well for a few hours.  I rode through Cloncurry and was getting colder (it was 15 degrees and I only had on the bike jacket). By the time I got to McKinlay I was freezing and decided to put on the down jacket and get some breakfast at te roadhouse. This worked well and I was soon warm enough to ride comfortably.

I arrived at longreach about 3pm after going 650k. I’ve worked out the sore back thing with stretching, the sore elbow thing (the chiro showd me what to do with that) but I’m not getting sore shoulders and neck and have no idea what to do about it. Oh well, I don’t have many more big days so it should be ok.

I went to the Stockmans Museum and while it was interesting, It wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. Don’t get me wrong, its done very well, I guess its something I don’t find that interesting though. I then went out to get some dinner from a local take away shop and some newspapers.

Its now Tuesday morning and I have a 11am tour booked in at the QANTAS museum.They have the original (First QANTAS jet) 707 and a 747 there for tours and I will be doing both.

After that, I have 180k to ride back to winton for tonight (so its an easy day today) but 582k for tomorrow to get me to Townsville. I then, it would appear, have 4 nights there so I should be able to do some diving and see all the local attractions as well as have some relax time to read a book or so.

I’ll take some photos of the QANTAS stuff and post next time.