Leaving Noosa

I was up and ready to go about 7am. My brother told me he goes at about 7:30 in the morning and I thought it would be good timing to get out at the same time. I had parked in the garage and had the bike packed and was using the computer checking out email etc when Marc told me he had just booked me in for a breakfast meeting. This sounded good to me as I like going to cafe’s for breakfast.

When starting the bike, the satnav didn’t start up. Now, this place, as I already mentioned, is really hard to find your way around in so I followed Marc (who uses occasionally but sparingly) to the cafe. I knew the satnav units should have a hold three buttons, turn around and touch your nose reset thing but I couldn’t remember it. I thought about removing the battery but its internal and aparently a real pain to get to.  So, without satnav, I just had breakfast and thought about it.

Marc ended up paying for breakfast too (thats two meals I owe him now) and I got to meet some other people and talk computer/bikes with them.

After that, I got the laptop out, plugged it into the satnav to try to get it to reset. No luck. Then I called the supplier and got an answering machine (it was 8:30) so I decided to use the backup satnav unit and go from there. This was difficult as its a different user interface, has no audio, and is harder to see.

About an 45 mins later, I was further down the road (at least I got out of noosaville) and had to get some fuel. I tried the supplier again and they answered me telling me to simply remove the battery. I was wrong about the batteries in this unit and it was a simple allen key to get them off. I now only needed a 1.5mm allen key to try that solution. As it turns out, I keep that sort of thing on my belt so 5 mins later, I had satnav, spoken prompts and music all back again. I really should know more about the technology I take with me and how to fix it.

On the way south, I saw a sign to Lismore and for no other reason than I was in Lismore hospital for a night when I was a kid, I decided to go there and look around. When I got there, I got some fuel for the bike, fuel for me and was bored in about 5 mins. Oh well, back to the main road (it was a 30k detour) and I was again heading in the right direction. When reaching coffs harbour, I really wasn’t tired, sore or bored so decided to head to Port Macquarie for the night. About 30 mins later, I was suddenlt sore, tired and it was getting dark (well, a little) so I stopped at the first vacancy sigh I saw. It was in Nambucca Heads and was quite a nice room. I then got to have a warm shower and try to loosen up some shoulder muscles before going to bed. I also got to have a $4 aero bar from the mini bar. I didn’t need to buy dinner as I still had lots of food on the bike so it was a cheap night.