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Today, I had a plan.

I have decided that I’m the sort of person who needs a plan. When I go snow skiing, I always need to have a plan to get somwehere, when I get there I ust make a new plan and go somewhere else.

I was not really looking forward to today. I’ve been getting lonely and wondering what the point of all this was.

But, as I said, today I had a plan. I decided to spend $378 on a Jet Ski tour of Magnetic Island (all around it) and It was good to have something planned. I had to get up at 6:20. Normally I would already be up, but I set my alarm anyway. When it went off, I really could use some more sleep. Then, Ihad to find the ferry terminal and get on the RORO boat (Roll On Roll Off) with the bike. That was the 7:10 boat and I managed to find it. Aparently you need to go to the correct terminal if you want the prepaid ticket to work.

Then, onto Horseshoe Bay. I was there early because of requiring to get the early RORO boat and had an hour to kill. I found a great cafe that had really nice coffee and that, with some raison toast, last weeks paper and I was set for the hour.

It would appear that up here, people don’t seem to care what papers they read. In Alice etc, I expected this but not in Townsville. Anyway, As long as I hadn’t read it previously, its all good.

Then onto the JetSki tour. This was really really fun. They were the 4 stroke sealed engines (I had checked before booking) so they didn’t leak oil like the 2 stroke engines do. They had 155hp and were great. Along the way, we saw a Dugong. The ski infront of me (the Guide) almost ran over it (what imagery that would have been for a semi eco tour) but missed and we all got to give it plenty of space and watch if for a while. It can’t have been too disturbed because they are normally quite shy.

Then, at the end of that, I got back on the RORO and back to townsville to warm up in a shower.

Then, as Linda and David arrived in townsville, I went to see them and have dinner. This also gave me a chance to unload all the extra stuff I no longer needed (stuff that was only for desert travel like shovel, water bottles etc).

Now, its time for bed, Tomorrow I need to get to Mackay but as its only a short trip, Ill leave late and have an easy day. Plus, after some days of nice weather, It will be sad to leae Townsville.

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  1. So jealous that you got to see a dugong up close and personal. Shame there are no photos – have you been taking any with your big camera?
    Glad you had a better day. Now you know why you married a planner :-).


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