Mt Barker (and the cold trip there)

I’m sitting in Mt Barker at the moment. We were up about 6am and I decided to leave earlyish. I was on the road by 7:15 and it was about 7 degrees (but mostly dry).

In about 30 mins of riding, I had seen many foxes, rabbits (both dead and alive), heaps of birds (eating the aforementioned dead bunnies) and no roos. There were sign everywhere telling me to watch out for the roos but I saw none (well, at least none still interested in breathing).

The temp dropped to 3 degrees. That really sucks as I hadn’t started the jacket heater yet. I stopped to get some fuel after about 90 mins riding (and get some instant coffee, raisin toast) and lit the pocket warmer. I had previously discussed said lighting with the owner of the petrol station/diner where I was and explained that there will be some flames while it heated up. When the flames happened, He looked concerned but, probably do to the previous discussion, didn’t try to put it out.

From then on, it warmed up a little, mostly going from about 6 degrees to actually hitting 12 at one point.

I arrived in Mt Barker and as the room wasn’t ready yet, went to the local shopping centre and looked around. Hoping for some decent coffee to wash the taste of instant ferom my delicate mouth, I discovered not much to help. There was however a computer game shop (I could get some NDS charges for the girls) and a phone shop (so i could get a USB charger for my archos). Then a K-Mart for some more time wasting and finally back to the caravan park where telstra service is ok enough to do some writing.


We just got back from Adelaide where we visited the Haigh chocolate factory and went to see Kung Fu Panda. Both were quite fun.

Tomorrow we will head to port Augusta. Hopefully it will be warmer.

There’s one more thing that needs to be said. I believe everyone let me down greatly by not telling me it was going to be cold doing the south a week after the winter solstice.

Also, people have been dying to ask but no-one has yet the courage to bring it up. I know you are all dying to know what a well dressed bike traveller wears so, to save you the embarrassment of asking, here’s the soop.

1. BMW long thermal pants (these go over the underwear which is changed at least once per week)
2. Draggin Cargo pants
3. Long socks (knee length) that go over the thermals, under the cargos.
4. BMW boots, mid calf high.
5. Marino wool thermal long sleeve top (Kathmandu)
6. sometimes a tee shirt over it
7. Wooly neck warmer thingy
8. outdoor research wind proof jacket over the thermals
9. BMW jacket (although last years colour) goes over the lot to prevent ingress of road when I hit it at some speed.
10. BMW gloves
11. Nolan N102 Helmet with Autocom headset

So, you can see theres a bit to getting dressed in the mornings. And yes, I know the jacket (9) is in the girlie section of the BMW apparrel book and modelled by a girl. What are you trying to say?

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  1. Ummm, I can recall at least several times that we suggested the arse freezing aspect….

    Could have spent hours in the tractor shed…

    When u are thinking about the cold, just remember that u could be back here chasing the gremlins in the blue stuff…

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