Western ranges and Quad Bikes

This morning, after trying to find a dentist as I chipped a tooth last night, we ( Libby and I ) went on some quad bikes on a cattle station for some fun. The quad bikes were more successful than the dentist finding as, aparently, if you need emergency dental treatment, you need to wait 4 months for it.

I also spent some time trying to sort out a service for the bike (BTW, the tyre lasted 8400km). Townsville was the place of choice but the Honda dealer that used to service BMW bikes, has shut down and no-one else, including the BMW dealer, has been given the ok to service them yet. So, a quick call to City Coast Motorcycles (Where I purchased my bike) and Martin quickly arranged a service in Mackay for me. When I first went to the bike shop in wollongong I was un-impressed but having got the bike there (and lots of accessories) they are really a good bunch of people.

Anyway, back to the Quad bikes, we spent about 2 hours riding around and looking at the station. It was quite interesting but as they have not had much rain this year, they are down to 3000 head (from the normal 5000) in 4000 square kms. Most of the dams were empty and they are relying on diesel pumping stations for bore water.

Quad Bike Action

Then, we went west of Alice to look at the Standley Chasm and Simpsons Gap. Both were worth visiting.

Standley Chasm

You need to be here at the correct time of day (about 1pm today) to get the sunlight down the gap.

Simpsons Gap

This is a river bed (with only a little pool of water above the surface) but would be quite impressive when running.

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  1. how could you ride a bike without sat-nav, uhf, mobile and ipod hanging off the handle bars somewhere. must have been hard.

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