OSx under vmware in windows (network and graphics display)

I’m writing this because I don’t want to lose it and it may be useful for somebody one day.

To get OSX to work under in vmware windows, add
to the vmware  (whatever the name is).vmx file (This lets the ISX client os see the ethernet card)

and to the


add some keys like
<key>Graphics Mode</key>

This should get it working properly.

2 Replies to “OSx under vmware in windows (network and graphics display)”

  1. I changed the line with 1440x900x32 and works but it’s not the size i requested something like 1152×864 and if i put only 1440×900 the machine can’t load so i must now to reinstall it :( so for the next time can you tell me exactly what size i must to put for my 1440×900 screen?
    Another question my host pc is connected by Wifi (lan) to my box so i don’t think i can’t connect it when i am under osx vmware; do you have any solution please?

  2. You just answered my two questions I had to get OSX running on my winXP!

    Now I have my laptop running OSX fullscreen(1440×900) and with internet access. That’s beautiful!

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