Everybody’s doin’ it

When I discovered HDR photos, I thought it was quite exciting until I discovered everyone had already done it and I was, as usual, the last to find out about it. Well, its happened again with Tilt-Shift (or fake tilt shift as I cannot affort a tilt-shift lens) and miniature faking.

I have had some fun going back through old photos and giving them the treatment so heres my first few I’ve done. I quite like the effect but will try to avoid the ‘when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’ approach and restrict it to things that will suit better in future.

dsc_3134_mf img_1869_mf kw_d3__dsc2826_mf img_4736_mf dsc_3222_mf dsc_3040_mf

One Reply to “Everybody’s doin’ it”

  1. Nice work mate – I haven’t tried it yet and my D40x won’t let me auto bracket so I haven’t HDR’d either.. I’m still way behind and can appreciate the minitures you’ve put up ;-)



    P.S. have you got your eyes on the D3x?

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