Astricon 2009

Astricon was very informative. From learning more about Amazon EC2, to chan_skype they cover lots of things. Not every session was what I wanted to know but they did get you thinking about how to do things. There were sessions on large organisations and government systems where queues are seperated from media gateways and from servers where extensions connect. There was also a log on XMPP integration into asterisk and thats certainly something ill need to look into further.

Not all sessions were of the same quality. Some were very well prepared and were informative, others were simply sales pitches for the products sold by the company presenting.
It was also nice to meet Jared Smith, Leif Madsen and Mark Spencer. The dCap breakfast was also great as it provided a chance to chat with some others on a technical level. There were certainly some very knowledgeable people there to talk to.