TeamFocus Launches !

We have just launched our new collaborative task management system TeamFocus. It has inbuilt time tracking and workflows and is great for small to medium teams.

TeamFocus Launches & Raises $500K To Create The Most Complete Collaborative Task System

B2B Collaborative Task System Helps Companies Manage Teams In An Increasingly Mobile Workforce

March 10th, 2013 — Startup TeamFocus announces the launch of its collaborative task system, which is a modern web application created to keep teams in sync. TeamFocus, which has raised $500,000 in Angel-Investor funding, is a solution for the increasingly remote workforce, and provides organizations with the ability to easily keep track of tasks and work assignments.

Co-founder Kevin Withnall began developing the product 2 years ago, and initially created the product for internal purposes for his 12 person development company. Rather than trying to stay organized through emails and meetings, organizations can use TeamFocus to move faster, and better manage tasks.

Says Kevin, “We created TeamFocus because we didn’t see a product fulfilling the need in the market. We truly built this for our own company to scratch our own itch. TeamFocus was built to be the world’s most complete collaborative task system.”

TeamFocus provides team members with one central location where they can see what peers are working on and can receive updates on how a project is progressing. The B2B software is a comprehensive product and was designed from the start to evolve as an organization grew.

Examples of features in the product include Workflows, which allow individuals to move tasks along a customizable path. How to integrate workflows successfully into a task management system has long been been the goal of many productivity applications. Workflows in TeamFocus is not just a second tier feature, it is central to how TeamFocus operates.

Another key feature is Metrics, which helps determine tasks that have been sitting idle too long and are causing bottlenecks, all this while ensuring everyone focuses on completing the right tasks at hand. A full API will also be released later this year, which will allow companies to use TeamFocus Workflows and storage in their own applications.

In addition to the above, TeamFocus allows team members to record their time on each project task, as well as set and manage due dates. Not only are teams able to add detailed tags to projects, but they are able to view these from an easy to use search tool.

Says Co-Founder Jason Weaver, “Our goal with TeamFocus was to allow businesses large and small to break down projects into smaller parts, assign ownership to these, and then to track them until each part has been completed. We feel that companies are most effective when this is enabled.”

TeamFocus is free for the first 10 users, and charges a monthly subscriptions for subsequent users. The company also provides customized enterprise solutions.

TeamFocus was founded in 2009 by Kevin Withnall and Jason Weaver. Kevin Withnall, who worked with MSN in Australia, is the founder and CEO of a 12 person development firm. Jason Weaver was formerly a Project Manager at ING.

Our mission is to create a product that can best manage workflow between teams. TeamFocus, the world’s most complete collaborative task system.

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About TeamFocus

TeamFocus was founded in 2009, when Kevin Withnall and Jason Weaver got together to solve a common problem: managing workflow between teams. The company is angel-investor backed and has raised $500,000 in funding.

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