Recently I have re-discovered my interest in photography.

Years ago, I used to shoot photos for bands in some very interesting locations. This helped pay my way through high school.
After UNI, the appeal wasn’t there as i think film is annoying.

When I decided to get back into doing all this again, I listed some areas that appealed to me. These formed the main categories in my Gallery page. I’ve added some more since then but still have a long way to go.

Originally i refused to crop or colour correct images as taking the photograph correctly the first time was a lesson i had to learn. Recently I’ve been playing with things like panoramas and low light shots.

A few friends and I setup a local group where we could all go out and learn what we were doing from each other. This has proved informative although irregular. If you are in the Wollongong area and would like to join our photo shoot days email me.
Although we rarely get everyone, we often get 2 or 3 people out on any particular day and have a good time.

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