Photography Evening

Last time we had a ‘photography’ evening in our training room, we covered..

  • Macro (using Lego)
  • Basic depth of field work including theory slides
  • lighting (static)
  • lighting (multiple Nikon strobes)
  • and lots of other discussions….

I would like to arrange another of these evenings. When people talk to me about this sort of thing I’m always expected to remember who wants to be notified when we decide when to have it and what to cover.

My new system is this. Please leave your details and suggestions as comments and ill then not have to remember.

As always, don’t put personal information (apart from stuff you don’t mind having public) in the comment.

photography back drop

Photography back drop(s) are something I haven’t liked using much. They always seem to make the photos less real in a way that actually looks less real.

A little while ago, I wanted to learn how to shoot models and spoke to a friend about how to shoot them, we went to a local pub to save having to use a photography back drop. In the pub, there were lots of bottles, barrels and other such things. The lighting for the photography was very poor because of the dark timber used on the walls and also the owners of the pub insisted on smoking.

Anyway, from this little adventure, I’ve learned a few things. Firstly don’t shoot where you cannot control the environment (including the air !) and photography back drops in a studio probably aren’t that bad after all.

Heres some photos from the shoot in case anyone is interested.

photography back drop photography back drop

Another early start

We started shooting at about 0620 this morning. Rod, Jim and Michelle turned up. John was absent because he was a slacker.

Anyway, heres a couple of photos from today.


And the shot that i intended to get this morning …


This is my first time to get star trails in a photo. Sadly, I wasn’t trying. This shot was made from 2 x 30 second exposures.