Darwinists to Criminalize Intelligent Design

Evolution News & Views: European Darwinists Attempt to Criminalize Intelligent Design as a “Threat to Human Rights”

Years ago, The Australian Electoral Commission decided that Pauling Hanson had violated some rule somewhere and she was sent to goal for it. I thought (and still do) that she is basically retarded, her policies are racist and not well thought out and she relies on appealing to the other stupid people in our country. Even with all this, putting her in goal for basically political reasons was very wrong. We do not want to make political prisoners in a country where free speech, no matter how bad it is, is still worth preserving.

That said, on to the current topic. I’m as committed an atheist as reason would allow and think that belief in a invisible sky pixie is basically a mental illness. This however does not mean that other belief should be made illegal. Teaching or indoctrinating is another thing entirely.

I think children should be exposed to religions as ‘this is what some people believe’ type learning and the Socratic method should be taught as it seems like a simple way to determine the truth. Like Richard Dawkins, I believe encouraging a child to believe in a god is basically child abuse.

Informing people about Intelligent Design (Creation) is something that should be allowed, as long as its taught as a ‘this is what some people believe’ style. We should also cover other religions. Science class is NOT the place this should happen, possibly in history or some other social studies class would be more appropriate. An ethics class would also be appropriate as long as its covered with other meta-ethics. Supernaturalism is something that has been successfully argued against in many philosophical papers.

Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I can’t help wondering what sort of percentage we can reduce the risk by simply removing babies genitals rather than just mutilating them.

Maybe if the catholic church was even slightly less retarded, they might allow people to wear little rubber thingys to do some good. Instead, they seem to just spread mis-information about them to people who are trusting and too impoverished to get decent information.

Evolution Smevolution

Ok its old, but ive been thinking about it for a while. Heres the quotes from Jon Stewart

Why are we here? And how did we get here? Not here necessarily, but HERE! For most of human history the answer took the form of what were called creation myths — traditional stories explaining our origins. They tended to follow a basic template. Typically a deity, either animalistic, anthropomorphic, or bearded, engages in some mystical, wonderous process, that eventually produces the misshapen progenitors of the human race — an thus becomes man. These myths comforted man, by allowing him to laugh at other cultures creation myths. For instance, the Aztecs say we were dug out of the earth by a giant pig. Everyone knows we sprouted from the heavenly ear of corn.

But the rise of Christianity brought a new Creation story to the forum. In six days, man was formed from a lump of clay. And woman sprung from man’s rib. It just made sense.