Its a year today

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery. Heres a summary for anyone who cares.

I started at 126.2kg and today am 83.2kg (currently sitting at 43kg lost) , These days I can eat any type of food I like, although generally not much of it. I can even drink soft drinks (although it takes a long time and I really have gone off them).

I have before and after photos, without shirt but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to post them here as I think people really don’t want to see it.

The other day I was watching the new ads that were telling me to have a waist less than 102cm. I’m currently 81cm so I finally am average. If I lost another 7 kgs, I would be ‘normal’

Just thought people would like to know :-)

I’m “Overweight”

After about 15 years of being obese or morbidly obese, I’m finally just overweight. So far since surgery, I’ve lost 40kg and have gone through many sets of clothes.

Also, I always assumed that seeing your life partner in a group of people was always easy. This was some inate ability than when someone was so important to you that you had them imprinted on your head in such a way that you could always recognise them.

Well, as it turns out, I was wrong. Often now I’ll be looking for Libby in a shop or similar and will often look right past her. As it turns out, I think I was always able to see her just because of her size. Now however, after losing heaps of weight, I have to look more carefully for her. It still seems strange when I see photos of us together that we are not huge. I can also now not only put my arms around her and touch on the other side, I can touch my elbows on the other side. We have lost about 80kg between us and I think the key words are ‘between us’.

Life is good.

Life goes on

I have been under some pressure from a number of people to update this section of the site. The problem is that nothing exciting has happened.

I’ve now lost 32kg and am going on with life with all the benefits of the vsg but there is really nothing that requires thought anymore. I just eat till I can’t eat any more (well, 99% of the time I know how much to get so I don’t feel so full i’m sick)  and then go back to doing something else.

I’ts the easiest way to lose weight and its really just part of my life now. So, basically, unless someone asks, I don’t think about it. This will probably be the last post on the subject.

Please don’t mis-understand me to think that its not important. Its probably the best thing I have done for my health ever and I would do it again without question. Its just like any illness you may have. Once its fixed, you tend to go on with life and not dwell on it much longer.

I’m also very glad I saw Dr Talbot. From what I have read about other experiences people have shared on weight loss surgery forums, he’s by far the best at getting in and out with no pain or complications. If anyone is considering similar surgery, you really should see Dr Talbot.

1 Month Out

Not much to add to the last update but I’m now eating normally, not drink any calories and losing weight at a reasonable rate (although I stalled last week for a while). I’m now 18.3kg down so its not so bad.

Anyway, theres no operation site pain at all, and only occasional nausea after food so it’s definately getting better.

I probably should, but havent yet, order a new set of work clothes in a smaller size but I’ll just cope with these for a while longer. I was told today that my work shirts are too baggy. This is strange as I couldn’t do these up when I started. I also don’t feel any different after losing the 18kgs and thought I would. Maybe its the lack of protein in my diet (its hard to get 30+ grams per day) or the lack of water (I should be drinking 1.5l per day but am only getting about 500ml)

Anyway, onwards we go and hopefully I’ll be better at eating the right stuff. I’m still able to resist bad foods so it’s helped my will power so far.



I saw Dr Talbot last wednesday night and had the usual discussion about what I can eat etc. I thought I may get in trouble about moving on to real food so quickly but he said that thats fine as long as it didn’t hurt. I then proceeded to tell him about the sort of things I was eating and got introuble about ‘drinking’ too many calories.

In hospital, I had some fruit juice and cordial and thought that was ok to have. Aparently not. He proceeded to tell me that I can only have no calorie liquide from now on.

Since then, I have accellerated weight loss even more (its not that hard apart from breakfast where I habbitually have an up’n’go drink).

So, Now im at 108.8kg, and still seem to be losing at a decent rate. The lowest I’ve been in 20 years is 105 so it should be nice to be lower than that.

The ‘vomiting’ period last week (twice) has gone away so I think I’m back to normal now.