North Wollongong Power Failure

Very frequently I am called to answer as to why I have a generator setup in the office.

People don’t seem to realise that the power situation in Wollongong has been progressivly getting worse over the last few years. This morning at 0551, the power failed at the office. The generator started and then sent me an SMS so that I can come and watch it (i think it gets lonely when it runs). So, as I write this, I’ve got ear muffs on while the generator does its thing.

All my systems are working perfectly (apart from the 2 backup people who are supposed to get the SMS as well and haven’t turned up yet)

Integral energy is “currently investigating” and “has no restoration time available” so I guess ill just play the waiting game.

I would rather play Hungry Hungry Hippos but im still here alone.