How to make Firefox 83% less crap

If the new tab interface is too annoying, this will fix it so tabs are always visible no matter how many you have.

  1. Type about:config in the url bar
  2. Search for browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
  3. Change it to 0 (thats a zero)
  4. Restart firefox.
  5. Be 83% happier.

Decisions decisions…

A few years ago, while my wife and I were working out if we should have more children (we have 2 now) , I read that one in every 5 people in the world is Chinese.

As there are already 4 people in the family, I didn’t want to have a fifth because none of us speak Chinese and it just wouldn’t be fair on the new child.

On the other hand however, I also saw on the television you can feed some people for $0.30 per day so it would be quite economical…

How are we supposed to decide ?