It all starts today

Today, the 2 week mark from my surgery, marks the start of the clinical diet.

The diet is basically 3 optifast ‘things’ per day. They have milkshakes, deserts, soups and bars (like museli bars).

I was very busy this morning and ended up just eating an berry bar and 600ml water. I have to say I was doubting what I had heard about how nasty this stuff is.

Anyway, its lunch time and I’m half way through a vanilla shake. Now I know what was meant when others complained, this stuff tastes horrible.

2 weeks of this stuff is going to drive me mad. Maybe ill live on the bars.

So far I’ve heard it called

  • optispew
  • optivomit
  • the ‘auschwitz’ diet

I can only hope that the chocolate is better than the vanilla.