The blind, illiterate and the just lazy

Years ago I started listening to audio books in the car. My daily commute to work consists of about 12 minutes of freeway driving with very short amounts of getting on and off. If theres heaps of traffic, it may even take 15 minutes however even this short time is enough to get a book finished every 2 weeks or so.

Now, about 50 or so books later, I thought I should share the idea and tell others to try it.

If you know me (and only people who know me read this :-) ) you should come and get some books from me to listen to. Just be sure to bring them back so someone else can borrow them after you. Or, if you want them in mp3 format, just tell me when you are listening to them so I can ensure no-one else is at the same time. I wouldn’t want to break any laws.

Anyway, If you pass the time just listening to rubbish on the radio, try some books.