Port Augusta

Ok, maybe its me but Port Augusta seems like a really silly name.

This morning, I left about 9am, and rode the 20 mins to adelaide to get some fuel (for me and the bike). After leaving adelaide, I didn’t put my feet down until port Augusta. I was starting to get a sore back and probably should have stopped earlier.

Things to note about todays ride. It reached 17 degrees, quite nice really. It rained again (aparently its also been raining at alice springs). 300km without stopping sucks.

The trains are long here (real trins, not road trains) and again I had very strong cross winds. Theres this pipe thing that started following me along the sire of the road at adelaide and is still here. I guess it sends something somewhere but thers no information available on it telling me what or where.

Anyway, not really much to tell other than the ride along mostly express ways, the terrain seems to have changed a little and we have more dirt along the sides of roads. Ok, we had dirt before but its a lighter colour and looks more like dirt. I still have not hit any animals making them dead and I hope it doesn’t happen.

Tomorrow is the biggest scheduled day of the trip and is about 550k (I did 650k the first day and thought it was about 100km too long). Hopefully I handle it ok. I will certainly not do it without stopping.

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  1. I think you should get spell check on this blog. I really do hope I have not maed any speeling misakes wile I ave tpyed this

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