The iPhone

I got the iPhone when it became available and was prepared to hate it. I of course had to get one to play with it but I was totally unprepared with how much it was less bad then other phones. I can’t say its a good phone, or PDA but it is far less bad then whats out there.
This morning, I finally configured syncing with google hosted apps (via with my contacts and calendar. Contacts have been syncing for a while but the Calendar was failing. It now stays updated over the air automatically.
iTunes, being the worst program ever released, is also now almost useable. the PC version still sucks so I went and got a mac (maybe Apples plans all along) just to run iTunes on and it works pretty reliably. Its impossible to be watching a movie and sync the phone at the same time but that’s Apple for you.
The battery life is pretty bad (even with 2.1) but its nice to be able to get access to things with a decent screen anywhere.
I can’t wait until the new android mobile comes out so we will finally have an open source platform for mobiles that people can extend properly. Apples restrictive trade practices are also starting to annoy people in the development community so android might be the answer we have been waiting for.

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  1. Nice to hear a balanced critique – apple fans like me go crazy – but I really like the ‘far less bad than what’s out there’ comment – that sounds about right.



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