Treading Lightly #003 (Finally !)

In Episode 3 of Treading Lightly , we go some way to explain why the huge delay between shows 2 and 3.

This week we talk about;

  • Al Gores’ movie. (
  • Home vegetable gardens and chickens.
  • Clipsal cent-a-meter.
  • Only a very little bit about the Prius.
  • Integral energy green power options
  • Some basic info on carbon credits and purchasing other peoples green options.

Over the next few episodes, we will be discussing….

  • Sea Shepheard
  • Water tanks (rain water)
  • Grey Water
  • Bores
  • Clipsal CBUS (and why it can be, but isn’t always good for the enviroment)
  • Renta-bike and community bicycle programs.
  • Mud brick houses (With a special guest who is in the process of building it).
  • A more detailed discussing about the carbon purchasing


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