Misc cut-and-paste from an online group I post to. Kept here mainly for my benefit only…

I do seem to get the ‘I need to burp’ feeling while eating all the time. You know the feeling
when you feel a little bloated and then it up or move and you get the
gurgling feeling, thats what I get when eating and for a while after.
I guess when my stomach was larger it would just accumulate until
later but now it seems to just want to burp up.

I guess its better than vomiting though. the only vomits I’ve had were
2 I had in hospital (1 on day 1 and 1 on day 2) and nothing came up. I
was very worried a the time about tearing staples but have since
learnt that the staples are pretty hard to damage. The staple gun they
use puts 3 rows on each site. Dr T said it costs about $350 per time
they fire the stapler. On the video I saw, they fired it 5 times !